VirtualBox VM Images:

The following link provides a download of a VirtualBox virtual machine (VM) running Debian 9 for 32-bit Windows hosts (with Perl 6 release 2018.06 Star installed):

Expirion Linux:

The following link provides a download of an ISO image of Expirion, the Linux distribution designed by our member Charlie Locke. It is based on Linux Mint and Charlie has cut out a lot of unused packages to make a relatively light-weight distro.

The ISO file is 1.9 Gb and the SHA256 checksum is:

  • 0x744661cc3d670ab2f978796d9ad5753dfbd6264b93c2598caeba3bb9980b2360

Expirion is an Ubuntu based desktop distribution which incorporates the XFCE desktop environment. This is the very first version of this distribution which has the LibreOffice 6.1.4 office suite, the 4.15.0-43 kernel, the MTPFS fuse system to support Android and similar cell phones, the Catfish file search, and Tixati for torrenting.

For those who need to use a CAC Card to access certain websites, this distribution includes the necessary files for a CAC Reader. All you have to do is plug in your USB CAC Reader and setup Mozilla Firefox: Open Firefox, go to Edit-Preferences-Privacy&Security, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Security Devices, click on Load now under Module Name, rename it to CAC Reader, click the browse button and navigate to the /usr/lib/pkcs11 directory, open that directory, and select Done!

Once you go to the AKO website or whatever website that requires a CAC you will have to maually add the certificates. Once added you're good to go.

Other links: