Expirion Linux

The following link provides a download of an ISO image of the latest version of Expirion, the Linux distribution designed by our member Charlie Locke. It is based on Xubuntu Linux, and Charlie has cut out a lot of unused packages to make a relatively light-weight distro.

The ISO file is 1.4 Gb and the SHA256 checksum is:

  • cb5715ee7cc610e0b91a8f7c844d59ce199454bce682402506a75b73206cd63e

Expirion Description and Notes from Charlie

Here is a picture of the Expirion desktop:

Whats New: Just about everything. It's a major release and now called 2.0 (code name Tobor).

Expirion is now based on the latest Xubuntu 18.04.2. I have upgraded the kernel to 4.18.0-17, the latest from Canonical.

LibreOffice has come out with its second point release to the 6.2 Series (6.2.2) which has about 200 total bug fixes if you include the first point release, so it is really stable. Expirion has been upgraded to that. I upgraded Firefox to 66.0.2 and Thunderbird to 60.6.1.

The XFCE Whisker menu has been upgraded to 2.3.2. Tixati was upgraded to 2.59 with a couple of minor bug fixes. Plus, I fixed some branding issues and gave it a new boot screen. I removed all the leftover configuration files (rc files) that are no longer needed. So it has shrunk to about 1.5 Gb now.

Some software modifications have been made as well: I added Gnome Disk Utility to manage your drives, Startup Disk Creator to create USB install drives quickly and easily, and the default text editor has been changed to Gedit. In addition, The login custom screen that was in earlier versions has been removed.

NOTE: I highly recommend installing this latest edition of Expirion, the best yet IMHO. Also, I think this is going to be my last major upgrade for a while—maybe 6 months or so—time will tell.

I hope you enjoy this release as much as I did building it.