Expirion Linux

The following link provides a download of an ISO image of the latest version of Expirion, the Linux distribution designed by our member Charlie Locke. It is based on Linux Mint, and Charlie has cut out a lot of unused packages to make a relatively light-weight distro.

The ISO file is 1.9 Gb and the SHA256 checksum is:

  • efd1b86fcf624a95f960fe8c3de45c7eb2e9bbe705a44f7fe9109d3c70bf6a20

Expirion Description and Notes from Charlie

Here is a picture of the Expirion desktop:

Expirion Linux (based on Ubuntu/Mint 18.04 LTS) has been upgraded to release 2019-02-21 (also a bug-fix release). When installing, and you get to the login page, type in "custom" and push enter. Then you will get to the main screen and will be able to continue installing it from there.

What's been upgraded:

  • The kernel is now 4.15.0-45 instead of 4.15.0-43 since Canonical addressed another regression flaw affecting the Linux kernel packages (4.15.0-44 and 4.18.0-14 of Ubuntu 18.10 and Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS systems) which also caused a boot up issue.
  • Libreoffice is now 6.1.5 instead of 6.1.4.
  • I removed the Docky application since it caused a line toward the bottom of the screen when I added it to the startup sequence, that seems to have corrected that issue.
  • I also noticed that once in a while I would get double icons on the menu (two Accesories Panels and two Systems Panels). That was caused by a non-standard icon I was using for Gscriptor and the Software Manager. I have removed Gscriptor, so hopefully this issue has also been fixed as well.
  • I moved the Menu Bar to the bottom instead of the top. I think it will help ex-Windows users feel more comfortable while getting familiar with Linux.
  • I also added BleachBit to the software. It is a cache cleaner program (similar to CCleaner for Windows) and changed XFBurn to K3b which has more options.


Hopefully most of my headaches have come to an end for now. Needless to say this has been a growing project for me, and I hope you enjoy this stable release.