Following are some topics that may be covered as interests dictate:

  • Choosing a Linux distribution ("distro"). DistroWatch is a popular site for watching the distro scene.
  • Installing a Linux distro on a Windows or Mac computer (using Oracle's VirtualBox).
  • Installing a Linux distro (Debian) natively on a Windows computer (using dual boot). (Note that Mac computers run a Unix/Linux variant that is very similar, but not identical to, Linux.)
  • Obtaining and running an inexpensive ($5 per month) Linux cloud server with Digital Ocean.
  • Installing a web server stack on a Linux server: Apache web server, PostgreSQL database, Postfix MTA (mail transport agent), Mailman 3 MDA (mail delivery agent).
  • Designing a simple web site on a Linux server.
  • Getting and installing a free SSL/TLS server certificate.
  • Using multiple virtual hosts on a web site.
  • Using Django, a Python web framework for dynamic web sites.