The Northwest Florida Linux User Group (NWFLUG) (located in Nicecville, Florida) was formed for the primary purpose of educating the local community in the use of the non-Windows, non-Mac operating system (OS) called GNU/Linux. The group is an official member of the O'Reilly Community. (Also see our Facebook page.)

Note that we have a draft slide presentation on "Why Linux?" that is available here. The presentation is part of our community outreach program.

Gulf Breeze Chapter

There is the possibility of a Gulf Breeze chapter in the making. It will have its own website at 'gbz.nwflug.org'.

Next Scheduled Meeting (Nicevile)

  • The next scheduled meeting is unknown at this time. Due to recent events and uncertainty on the group's future direction, that meeting time and place may be posted with short notice.
  • Notes from past meetings are here.


  • The group normally meets bi-monthly (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec) on the month's first Monday in Room 400 (second floor) of the Niceville campus of the Crosspoint United Methodist Church. Directions to the church may be found by going to this direct link on Google Maps.

    A campus facility map is available here. I recommend new attendees have a copy with you. Room 400 is on the second floor (see the second page of the map). The sanctuary entrance on the ground floor (facing Partin Drive) is normally open. If not, head to the left and try the next door while following the outer wall. The next door you come to is where regular attendees usually enter. There are restrooms across the hall from that entrance. Just inside that entrance, go up the stairwell to the left, or use the elevator. If the stairwell is dark, light switches are on the wall just inside the stariwell door. Room 400 is at the top of the stair, first room on the left (facing Partin Drive).

    The meeting starts at 5:30 PM and ends by 7:30 PM. (Note we occasionally meet at other venues which should be noted in the upcoming meeting announcement below.)

  • In addition to normal Monday meetings, the group also hosts Linux installation sessions on the third Monday of every month at the same time at the Crosspoint UMC. You MUST make an appointment, otherwise no one will be there to help you. Contact either Dave Bricker or one of the other members if you are interested.

Free Introduction to Linux Course

  • The Linux Foundation continues to offer its free, online course through edX: "Introduction to Linux." See this page for more information and registration. For $99.00 you can get a verified certificate of completion.

NWFLUG Public Resources

  • Files and documents presented at NWFLUG and associated meetings are available on such as scripts and source code, are available on Tom Browder's Github site here. Use the the command 'git clone https://github.com/tbrowder/nwflug.git' to download the code onto your own computer.
  • Other valuable resources are listed in the "Resources" menu item on the left.